For First Time Home Buyers

There are SO many ways buying your dream home can turn into a nightmare - we know, we lived it! In the spirit of wanting something good to come from something awful, we created this site to share all the things we wished we "knew then" in the hopes that we could spare someone else from having to go through what we went through.

Dealing With Realtors

They're supposed to work for you. Make sure that is what is actually happening.

Home Inspections

You're crazy if you buy a house without getting it inspected first. But who does that inspection really matters!


If you think you might need a lawyer, you need to know what to expect and how to manage them.

Be Smart & Ask Questions

It's better to ask too many than too few questions! Don't be afraid to speak up.

Necessary Disclaimer

Neither of us are  a realtor, a home inspector or an attorney. The information shared here is not intended to take the place of quality professional advice or counseling from them. It is intended to help you be prepared with questions to ask your professionals and some thoughts on things to watch out for. If we can help someone else avoid the hell we went through, that would be wonderful!

NOTE: None of the pictures on this site are of anyone who was actually involved in our case.